Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
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About Eco Di Caribe

Eco Di Caribe has designed a new affordable line of Ecological products for Bonaire with the philosophy "Cleaning and degreasing of nature". Through these ecologically responsible products, we pay extra attention to the environment.
These products provide the maximum cleaning- and degreasing power from resources that nature offers us.

An important principle for our product development is the search for renewable resources, such as oil from lemons or orange peel. The orange trees provide fruit year after year and can be replanted, so that no foul is committed on resources that are depleted.

We also use the least harmful dyes, colors but color our products, for example, with natural red beets, or chlorophyll. For the fragrances we use essential oils such as pine, lavender, lemon,

Because in the end it all comes back again in nature. So it is less harmful to the corals.

For the packaging we have especially chosen for PE (which we recycle). We at Eco Di Caribe accept packaging returns so that it can be reused. For several ecologically responsible products we use active substances from plants, such as soy, coconut, and palm oil, with a favorable benefit for good biodegradability.

We use such natural alcohol from fermented sugars for example for, glass, mirrors, tables, and line sensitive materials to clean.

We offer special products for hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, hospitals, shopping, cleaning, bakery, schools, etc. Also there are products especially developed for Bonaire.

Innovative solutions are some of the tasks of our independent lab at Eco Di Caribe. During the processes and at the end of the production, all products of Eco Di Caribe are subject to thorough checks.

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