Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
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The Philosophy of Eco Di Caribe

ECO Di Caribe is a company that deals with cleaning and maintenance technology on Bonaire.
Within this spectrum, we strive for economic and environmental renewal. Within this renewal there are several innovative discoveries applied to improving work quality, without compromising the quality to price ratio. As a company, Eco Di Caribe puts its full weight behind the goal that we only want to produce products that are environmentally and economically responsible. It should not be that profit aims these high quality products outside the scope of industrial and private divisions, forcing them to resort to chemical alternatives that put a heavy strain on our environment of Bonaire and those who have to work with them.

In addition to the legal requirements, Eco Di Caribe certainly observes the laws of nature such as the use of organic raw materials that Eco Di Caribe lends briefly of the same nature to after use neatly return.

"Nature belongs to all of us, we can all enjoy it but we must also use it wisely" is a common saying. Eco Di Caribe wants to meet these aspects through the combination of economic and ecological cleaning and maintenance products. Not everyone is raised with ecological cleaning products, not everyone uses ecological maintenance, but you're a bit unworldly if you're not inclined to want to work with ecological maintenance. Maintenance products of Eco Di Caribe are each economically and ecologically in use, while we use self-developed recipes, methods and techniques. We are constantly investing in research and development of new products and production methods. Because we regard ourselves as an important interlocutor in the use of ecological cleaning products, we place high demands on all aspects that we use for our products.

Eco Di Caribe is formed by a group of people who have accumulated years of experience in the world of professional cleaning and maintenance. There is an enormous know-how and practical experience in the product line, which includes a number of specialties. In addition, a customized project is implemented, where the research and development department visits hotel kitchens, government agencies, the hospital, schools, resorts, etc. on Bonaire and other islands and creatively handles their questions and comments, thus testing and / or adjusting the innovative solutions in their practical applications. Within our field this means that the use of non-polluting cleaning systems, which is not the law today, but the knowledge of today and the legislation of tomorrow, is a starting point from product.

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