Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
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The Products of Eco Di Caribe

At the moment, we are producing the following Eco friendly cleaning products. You can find our products in the Van den Tweel supermarket, Bonaire Food Group and the Warehouse supermarket. We also deliver the products to businesses on Bonaire.

Multi Cleaner - Eucalyptus and Lemon Fresh
This multi cleaner is economical in use and can be used for all surfaces, including floors, tiles, plastics, painted surfaces, etc. Use 1 cap in half a bucket of lukewarm water (5 liters). For heavily soiled areas, use the product more concentrated and wipe with a wet cloth.

Floor Cleaner - Cherry
This floor cleaner can be used on all types of surfaces. Clean with cloth, mop or brush and let the floor dry. If in doubt, try it first on an inconspicuous spot. 1 cap in half a bucket (5 liters) warm water is sufficient for a good result. For heavily soiled surfaces, you can use the product more concentrated.

Glass Cleaner
Glass cleaner can be used to clean glass, windshields, mirrors, interior and other glossy, waterproof surfaces. The product effortlessly removes streaks, smoke and grease stains, fingerprints and common contaminants. Use 1 cap per half bucket of lukewarm water (5 liters).

This detergent eliminates grease and dirt and provides sparkling clean dishes. It contains plant- and mineral based ingredients and provides the desired result without harmful and human unfriendly chemicals. Cleans and degreases effectively.

Our products are:

* Eco friendly
* Produced durable
* Containing secret plant extracts
* Biodegradable
* Not tested on animals
* Available in large containers for businesses

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