Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Tel. (+599) 796 0931

Eco friendly cleaners -
Specially made for Bonaire -
Based on natural compounds -
Non toxic, non Flammable -



We are the first on Bonaire who brought ecologically friendly products to Bonaire
and adapted the recipes for the island.

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Cleaning products! Eco Di Caribe offers
glass cleaner, all cleaner, floor cleaner
and dishwashing liquids.

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Products for hotels, resorts, offices, restaurants, hospitals, schools, bakery, cleaning, etc.

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Welcome to Eco Di Caribe!

Eco Di Caribe has designed a new affordable line of Ecological products for Bonaire with the philosophy "Cleaning and degreasing of nature". Through these Ecologically responsible products, we pay extra attention to the environment.
These products provide the maximum cleaning- and degreasing power from resources that nature offers us.

An important principle for our product development is the search for renewable resources, such as oil from lemons or orange peel. The orange trees provide fruit year after year and can be replanted, so that no faul is commited on resources that are depleted.

Developping, Producing and Delivering.

Innovative solutions are some of the tasks of our independent lab at Eco Di Caribe. During the processes and at the end of the production, all products of Eco Di Caribe are subject to thorough checks. In addition to the legal requirements, Eco Di Caribe certainly observes the laws of nature such as the use of organic raw materials that Eco Di Caribe lends briefly of the same nature to after use neatly return.
You can find our products in the Van den Tweel supermarket, Bonaire Food Group and the Warehouse supermarket. We also deliver the products to businesses on Bonaire.


Together with Hotels, Resort, Schools, Government and the hospital, we participate in the Bonaire recycling program. This means that Eco Di Caribe is the first actual producing business on Bonaire that actively results in less waste of Eco Di Caribe packaging materials on the landfill of Bonaire.
We do this for free en thus we are a sustainable business on Bonaire, leading the way to a cleaner Bonaire.
This fits perfectly in the philosophy of Eco Di Caribe.

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